the Mission

To create a Christ-centered lifestyle in the next generation. 

the Vision

To help those in need, feed the heart that hungers, and serve one another.

Team Hungry: The truth behind our name

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Matt. 5:6

Hunger is a concept for something that can never be completely satisfied while here on earth. Hunger and thirst, as used in Matthew 5:6, describe an all-consuming craving, a desire, and a burning passion to satisfy a particular need. That hunger is a driving force in life that motivates, directs, and when not properly satisfied, brings about pain. In this context, Jesus uses the concept of hunger to bring about a greater meaning. If we crave, yearn, desire, and hunger for righteousness, we shall be filled.  Team Hungry ultimately desires that people will hunger for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We hope that when young people discover what they are hungry for that it will become a lifestyle of giving back. We desire for all to realize that only Jesus Christ can satisfy a person’s hunger.



Identify their passions, gifts, callings, talents.

Invest in them through personal relationships.


Involve them in opportunities and action.

Initiate a lifestyle of giving back.

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