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Who We Are


We recognize the incredible potential of young people and we refuse to ignore it. The time spent in high school is some of the most impactful time in an individuals life. We see this generation longing to be a part of something larger than themselves, to make an impact, and ultimately to belong. We believe that high school teachers have the unique opportunity to make life-altering impressions on their students by investing in them more than just the curriculum at hand. 

Throughout their high school career, students involved in the Team Hungry develop relationships with the sponsoring teachers and embark on a relational journey of discovering who they are and unlocking their potential. This happens first and foremost through old fashioned discipleship – doing life with one another and seeking wise council from leaders who care. In addition, we search for each students God-given gifts and passions and then help them to create opportunities to grow and cultivate fruit in those areas.

The average high schooler spends more time with their teacher than they do their parent.

The Process


Identify their passions, gifts, callings, talents.



Invest in them through personal relationships.



Involve them in opportunities and action.



Initiate a lifestyle of giving back.


Our Mission

To help those in need, feed the heart that hungers, and serve one another.

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What We Believe