Food for the Heart


Food For The Heart (FFTH) was birthed in the heart of Jeff Flavin in 2004 at East Coweta High School.  Mr. Flavin has a passion to serve and to engage young people to serve, while educating them that everyone can be a servant in some capacity.  As a foods teacher, with a degree in Home Economics, Jeff Flavin teaches the importance of balancing exercise, sleep, and eating a well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy life style.  However, through many years of working with young people as a chaplain and youth pastor Jeff realized that people need more than just food to be totally healthy.  

“We need a hug, a pat on the back, an ‘I love you’, a sign that we are special, a thank you, or just someone to acknowledge that we are hurting and that someone out there cares,” states Flavin

In other words, he says, “We need Food For The Heart.”

In 2004, Jeff Flavin and his classes came up with the name of the club.  In addition, FFTH developed ways the class, and other students outside the class could help the community.  The classes started by delivering food to families in the community where one person had terminal cancer and the family had to make a choice between eating and living.  Each week the students would make a meal and deliver it trying to provide one day where that decision did not have to be made.  The students soon realized they were delivering more than just food.  They were delivering a hug, a shoulder to lean on, a concerned ear, a friend, and often hope that there is goodness in the world in the form of a youth, and a youth from East Coweta.  From that moment on FFTH determined that it was not limiting itself to just delivering food.  I would not be limited to Coweta County, Georgia, or the United States.  FFTH desires to serve where there is a need.  The overall goal of FFTH is that young people serve others in different ways, and as often as possible, so that it becomes a lifestyle and not just a program one experiences at school.  The passion of FFTH is to have young people realize that they have a purpose in life, they have something to offer that is uniquely theirs, they can help other people in a variety of ways, and they can make a difference in the heart of someone else.