Student Spotlight

Marychase Gardiner

MaryChase first became involved with Team Hungry as a sophomore in high school. At the beginning of her involvement, our leaders noticed an amazing untapped potential within her. Though she would have preferred to sit quietly and take notes, we knew that with a little investment and practice she would soon become an established leader and speaker. Over the course of the following months, MaryChase began taking on more responsibility and began to express new ideas becoming an asset to our core student leadership team. MaryChase was also heavily involved in the planning of the first Soundwaves Concert in 2016 only to become the co-coordinator of the 2017 event. Through that process, she was able to meet a number of Team Hungry's advisors, learn from their expertise and wisdom, and then put those principles into action as she worked with the other students to plan the concerts. MaryChase is now a senior at East Coweta High School and the current President of our Student Leaders. Recently, MaryChase has received recognition  from the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership organization otherwise known as HOBY. She says, "This is an amazing opportunity that I am thankful to be honored with. I hope that what I learn will help prepare me for the future of Team Hungry, my college career, and everything else that is yet to come." MaryChase has become an incredible leader who embodies the foundational values of Team Hungry and we are honored for her to be a part of our team.